Our Story

With schools changing to fit the current situation, students have to quickly adapt to new ways of learning. Students have to achieve their goals with little to no support from an in person teacher. Although teachers are trying their best to help their students succeed, they are limited by the format, and cannot connect with their students in the same way. Our teachers are being asked to fill many new roles while parents struggle to balance their jobs and their children’s education. 

Students now have to turn to an older sibling to help with science, or hire a tutor to get through algebra, but what about those who can’t? Without the same quality of schooling, there remains some students can’t access a tutor, who have no older sibling to turn to. We think that this problem can be solved. LT Tutors offers free tutoring to kids in 1st-8th grade. By signing up for a time slot or getting quick help, kids can be connected with a high school student who can work through a problem, clear something up, or further understanding when completely lost. We seek to equalize education and provide support to students who need it by filling the gaps left by e-learning. We hope to provide an abundance of friendly tutors who are willing to share their knowledge and help each and every student succeed free of cost.

Here, help is only a few clicks away. 

My name is Emmett James, and I started this service to leverage the talents and spirit of LT students who are willing to give up some of their time to help others. Starting with a core group of good friends, we hope to expand our ranks of tutors to include many more LT students (or any other high school student who wants to help). By leveraging technology we hope to level the playing field. We will start small and hope to grow. If successful our model can be applied outside of the LT school district. (If you found our page and live outside of district 204 and need help send us an email and we’ll be in touch!)

I’d like to thank my sister, Molly James, who despite being in the 8th grade and never having built a website was key in getting LT Tutors online! Throughout the entire process, Molly has been making forms, taking notes, giving feedback, and designing a majority of the website. Without her, we wouldn’t be at the point we are at today.

Molly and Emmett James