How it Works


Fill Out Our Form

Please note due to school safeguards, we are not able to receive emails from school accounts. You must use a non school email to communicate with us. Check with a parent or guardian first!

We offer one-on-one tutoring through the classic model, where you work with a high school tutor at a mutually convenient time. You will be matched with a tutor who is available for either a weekly, or one time session. Because all of our tutors are high school students, we don’t offer tutoring in the mornings, or during the school day.


Wait for Response

Once we receive your request we will assign you to the best tutor available. An LT Tutor will contact you at the email address you provided.


Meet your Tutor

LT Tutors will use Zoom as the means to conduct the tutoring. The LT Tutor will email you at the email provided in the form with a zoom link for your scheduled session.



When you are done, let us know how we did! We will send you a short survey after your session via email.